Penobscot Pet Pantry


A pretty normal pantry--turnout-wise—this month.  33 people came for food, which is just about right lately. 

We handed out 902 Lbs. of dog food, 311 Lbs. of cat food, eight cases of canned food and many Milkbone treats. 

We were somewhat short-handed in the morning (Hint!)---only three of us bagging food:  Gray, Rodney and I did our best, but we couldn’t deal with eight barrels of loose food, so I had to go to the barn for some already-bagged stuff.

It worked out, but that’s the end of the pre-bagged food that we use for back-up in this sort of situation.  So I hope we get a good morning crowd next month (another hint!).


The afternoon shift was more normal:  we were down a couple of people, but with Alice checking haircuts, Sunday, Bruce, Tom and I handed out the 1200 Lbs of food in the usual fifteen minutes. 

It’s a science.


Thanks to everyone who makes this pet pantry possible...and I wish a good holiday season to one and all! 

I’ll see you next year!




Welcome to the Penobscot Pet Pantry!
Change of  location!

We're now distributing from the American Legion Hall at the corner of Pearl and John Sts in Camden!