Penobscot Pet Pantry

    Now, this was more like pantries of old!  Crowded and successful.  Forty-two people came to pick up 1329 Lbs of dog food and 543 Lbs. of cat food.  And many cans and assorted treats.
    We had a lot of pre-bagged food in the barn, so that’s what we used this month.  I’d told those who wanted to take the month off that it would be a good time to do that, but Gordy and Dee and Rodney (and Daisy) and Noah and RJ came in the morning anyway to set things up and stack the tables.  Thanks, guys! 
We were done pretty quickly...gone by 9:30 or so.
    The afternoon was quite busy, but went off without a hitch.  Alice was back at The Table.  Bruce, Dee, Gordy, Jeannette and Sunday collected and took to cars the aforementioned 1900 Lbs. of food and treats in about twenty minutes.  We actually ran out of pre-bagged food, but I had some factory-bagged Purina in my car and that filled the gap.  So everyone went away happy.
Gordy and I were worried that we’d get drenched returning the barrels to the barn, but the rain held off just long enough!  A good day all around.
    So, here we are at another anniversary.  None of us had a clue how to do what we wanted to do when we met to start this, but the sage advice of a certain volunteer was “Let’s just start handing out food...the rest will come!  Or not.”  So we did.   The Penobscot Pet Pantry is heading now into its 8th year of operation helping people feed their pets.
Again...thanks guys!


Welcome to the Penobscot Pet Pantry!
Change of  location!

We're now distributing from the American Legion Hall at the corner of Pearl and John Sts in Camden!