Penobscot Pet Pantry

We had a good pantry last week...not as busy as some recently, but a decent showing.  29 people showed up for pet food.
There was enough pre-bagged in the barn so that we didn't need to do any packing in the morning--just take the bags from the barrels and lay them out on the tables.  Rodney, Dee, Gordy, Sally and Rudy helped set up and we were done in no time.  Gray dropped off some coffee and doughnuts (pbuh) to make the morning even better.
The afternoon went smoothly, too.  Gordy, Bruce, Tom and Sunday handed out 1075 Lbs. of dry food and several cases of canned.  And many collars and assorted accessories.  Alice, the Table Lady, is having knee surgery this week, so couldn't make it.  We missed her and hope for a speedy recovery and a return next month.
It started raining just as we were finishing up, so we only got half the empty barrels back to the barn in time.  I went in on Sunday and took care of the rest.
Thanks, guys!  I know some hungry pets appreciate you...and I couldn't do it alone!

Welcome to the Penobscot Pet Pantry!
Change of  location!

We're now distributing from the American Legion Hall at the corner of Pearl and John Sts in Camden!