Penobscot Pet Pantry

Here we are again:  We’ve made it to the end of another fun-packed year!
December’s pantry—keeping with the trend and despite some early confusion—was a huge success: 
We handed out 1726 lbs. of dog food and 406 lbs. of cat food to 50 people.

With those figures added, in 2014 we distributed 16,764 lbs. of dog food and 6074 lbs. of cat food.  That’s dry food, not counting the many, many cans we’ve collected and given out.  And the treats and leashes and collars.
That’s pretty amazing, I think.  And all the more proof that I couldn’t do this by myself.  

Thanks guys.  All of you.  Thank you to the volunteers who schlep in every month to bag and distribute.  Thank you to Syd and the folks at the transfer station for the twist ties.  Thank you to Fresh Off the Farm for bags and a break on cat food.  Thank you to Marina and Cooper for letting us continue to store the food in your barn at the Dooryard Farm.  Thank you to the Masons, American Legionnaires and the people at PAWS for letting us distribute food from your facilities.  Thank you to PAWS and all who donate food and money to keep this going.
You're the cream in my coffee...the sugar in my tea.





From now on, we will be distributing from the 



 the corner of John St and Simonton Rd

on the first Thursday of each month

from 1-3 p.m.

Welcome to the Penobscot Pet pantry!