Penobscot Pet Pantry

This month’s pantry turned out very well, in spite of a last-minute change in location.  We were able to contact almost everyone ahead of time, and those who went to PAWS saw a sign on the door that told them we were just down the street.  Working from the American Legion hall was like meeting an old friend after not seeing them for a while.  More on this in a minute.
Things was smooth.  Like a well-oiled machine.  We used their tables (longer and heavier than ours, but handy)--Rodney, Gordie, Maggie and Dee, RJ, Dennis and Tracy bagged and stacked four tables of dry food, and three tables of canned food and treats, in nothing flat.  We were done and gone by 10:15
The afternoon was good, too.  Bruce, Tom, Jeanette, Dee and Gordy (with Alice at the Table of Reckoning) handed out 1017 Lbs. of dog food and 449 Lbs. of cat food—that’s dry stuff.  They also went through several cases of wet food—both dog and cat.  And gerbil food, too.  And wabbit food.  We’re full service.
Now, as you know, the PAWS center turned out not to be such a good fit after all, and the American Legion hall couldn’t be nicer about having us.  On the bad side:  they’ve been closing down in the wintertime because the oil bill is too much to pay for the little they use it.  After consultation with you guys, I’ve offered them $100 per month toward the heating bill and Frank Carr—the commander—has said that that would help.  He’s still not 100% sure they can stay open in the winter--even with our $100—but it might tilt the balance.  The upshot is that we won’t know if we have a wintertime home until closer to winter.  We may have to shop around for a cold-weather distribution site in, like, November.  So be thinking about that...if you know of somewhere relatively close to the Dooryard Farm on upper Mechanic St in Camden (that’s where we store the food) that’s heated, and that we could use one day a month, let me know!
Other than that, I have no news.  And no grass to cut. 
Thanks for your help, guys!  Give yourselves a pat on the back!



Welcome to the Penobscot Pet Pantry!
Change of  location!

We're now distributing from the American Legion Hall at the corner of Pearl and John Sts in Camden!