Penobscot Pet Pantry

Another pantry done gone and a good time was had by all.
We continued what has become a normal decline in the number of recipients this month--20. But a good turnout of volunteers.
Dee, Gordy, Rodney, Eric and I set up the tables and stacked them with bags that we'd packed last month...or the month before. Or the month before that. More on this later.
The afternoon shift of Tom, Bruce, Gordy and Jeannette handed out 862 lbs. of dry food and a case or so of canned foo d--and numerous treats---to those 20 recipients.
It was raining, and we couldn't take all the barrels to the I came back Sunday and finished up.
Thanks, guys!

As I mentioned above, we've got a lot of already bagged food in the barn. Over half of what we have in barrels is pre-bagged from previous pantries. And we're pretty much out of room.
This is because we're not doing anywhere near the business that we've done in years past...we're returning most of the food to the barn after each pantry.
I don't know why...people are working again, maybe. We've put up posters and had a recent write-up in the Pilot and there's word of mouth in the community so people know about us. But we still have fewer and fewer people showing up for pet food each month.
With that realization, and mindful of the dwindling number of volunteers--and the fact that I'm getting old and tired...I've decided stop taking in food, and to end the pantry when we've given out the last of what we have in the barn now. There's enough there to get us through at least 2 or 3 more pantries.
There's an excellent pet pantry just up the road in Belfast (Waldo County Pet Food Pantry--on FB) which will be able to absorb our clientele. They'll be getting the food from our sources.
I've given our usual $500 to the American Legion to help them with the heating oil through the winter. They've been very good to us--they were our first home and, after going through 3 or 4 others over the years, it's fitting they be our last, I think. And I'd like to give them our 8 (lightweight) tables.
Our bank account has about $2200 in it and I plan to divide it between PAWS and Pope. They've been our main source of food. If anyone has an objection to any of that, let me know.

It's been a great run, gang. We've been at it going on nine years and we've met some good people. You volunteers have been the absolute best! We've gotten the community involved to the point where everything we ever needed was quickly and gladly donated: the storage space at Dooryard Farm, the barrels from Marine Colloid, our home at the American Legion, the food we gave out, the bags from Fresh Off The Farm, the tags from Hannaford's and the twist ties from MCSW.

So...our next pantry will be the usual 1st Thursday of December (6th). I'd like to get as much of the loose food packed up then as we can, so I hope we have a good crowd in the morning.
Thank you each and every one. Past and present. I could never have done this without you.

See you in December!

Welcome to the Penobscot Pet Pantry!
Change of  location!

We're now distributing from the American Legion Hall at the corner of Pearl and John Sts in Camden!