Penobscot Pet Pantry

We ended the year with another good’s getting to be a habit.
The weather forecast was iffy, so we took the food, etc. to the PAWS center on Tuesday.  As a result, Thursday morning was a lot less hectic than usual. 
And there was quite a crowd to help bag food (unfortunately, there wasn’t as much food as usual to bag*)—so many, in fact, that I had to get everyone to write down their names so I could give credit where it’s due.  My memory is shot.  Just ask Peg.
*Food contributions have fallen off a bit over previous months...where we’d normally bag up 8-9 barrels of loose food, this month we only had 5.  The balance was made up with already bagged food left over from last month.  It kinda goes that way...feast or famine, so to speak.  It wasn’t very long ago, you’ll recall, that we were worried that we wouldn’t have enough room in the barn for all the food we were bringing in.
OK, lessee...Dee, Abby, RJ, Noah, Gray, Nate, Danny, Amy, Mark, Isaac, Rodney, Gordie and Tracy (I’m pretty sure that’s a record!) bagged and stacked enough for the usual three tables of dog food and one of cat food and three tables of treats and canned food.  It doesn’t take long to bag a barrel of food when you’ve got five people going at it, so we were done in about thirty minutes.  Another record.
The afternoon was pretty normal as it goes.  Bruce, Dee, Tom, Jeanette and Sunday handed out food while Alice ran The Table (everyone got a new application to take home and fill out for next year).  They gave out 1166 Lbs. of dog food and 420 Lbs. of cat food.  That’s dry...lots of cans went out, too.  And litter and treats.  All in the normal twenty minutes or so.  And it couldn’t have worked out better so far as having enough food:  where we’ve been taking three or four full barrels of bagged food back to the barn after each pantry, this month they were all empty.  Just right.
With those totals, by my scientifical calculating, we collected and distributed 15,040 Lbs. of dry dog food, and 5480 Lbs. of dry cat food this year.  Lotsa kibble.
So...that’s all there is, folks.  For 2015. 
Next month starts a new year for the Penobscot Pet Pantry---our 7th.
This is working out because of you...don’t forget that.  Thanks from the bottom of my heart for your hard work, patience....and sense of humor. 
Have a wonderful holiday season...and I’ll see you next year!




PAWS CENTER at the corner of John St and Simonton Rd

The first Thursday of each month 

at 1 p.m.

Welcome to the Penobscot Pet Pantry!
Welcome to the Penobscot Pet pantry!