Penobscot Pet Pantry


We distribute free pet food to needy families at one o'clock on the first Thursday of each month from the American Legion Hall at the corner of John St and Pearl St


One applicant per household

The amount of pet food a household receives depends on the number of pets, their sizes, and the amount of pet food available at the time of distribution

We will only give out enough food for four of each kind of pet per household, i.e., if you have five dogs and ten cats, you’ll only get food for four dogs and four cats               

 We will give out a month's supply of food at each pantry. 

Food is distributed on the first Thursday of each month at 1 pm at the American Legion Hall in Camden.  If there are any changes, we will make every effort to contact the registered households with the information we’re given on the application    

All information on application forms will be held strictly confidential    

No one in the registered household is to resell food or items provided by the Penobscot Pet Pantry              

 We consider special requests for certain formulas or flavors of pet food, but are only able to give what we have at the time the request is made  

All recipients must come to our distribution site (American Legion Hall in Camden) to receive pet food, although exceptions will be made for the housebound             

We ask that recipients request only as much pet food as they need

By accepting their services and food, I release the Penobscot Pet Pantry and its directors, officers, employees, volunteers, and other representatives from any and all claims for damages that I, my family, and my representatives may have for any injuries or damage of any kind and description related to the services and food provided and agree not to sue or make any claims for damages.  I am aware of the potential risks of feeding my pets food that may not be part of their usual diets.




Application Form

Click here to download an application form, which you may fill out and bring with you to the Penobscot Pet Pantry. You may also pick up an application at the Penobscot Pet Pantry.